12th September 2022

Clean Cars Go Faster – It’s True!

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It might seem like a silly statement, but it’s true, clean cars do go faster- so if you want to get the best performance out of your car, get it professionally washed and valeted now by City Wash – the expert car valeting company in Lancashire!

On several occasions, when commenting on the frequency that neighbours have washed their cars the response from them has been that it makes it go faster – I thought this was just a bit of banter, but I have now discovered this is actually true.

It’s not just a myth, there is science behind it which has been proven to be true. The dirt on a car sticks out (admittedly not by much), it also generally has a rougher surface than a shiny clean car, so this creates more friction when the air flows over the car dragging it back. Due to this buildup of muck, your car will have more resistance when driving down the road, which becomes greater the faster you drive it, thus affecting the top speed of the vehicle.

However, if you regularly get your car washed, and especially if you get your car waxed, the surface of your car will be smoother, the air will flow around it more easily, and your car will be more aerodynamic, enabling it to push through the air with less resistance – hence making it faster. This is why car manufacturers use spotlessly clean cars when they do their wind tunnel testing. They want to present the best performance figures they can for marketing purposes, and this can only be achieved by making the car as aerodynamic as possible.

Dirt and muck also add weight to your car (inside and out). A heavier car creates more friction between the tyres and the road, once again slowing the vehicle down. So, we might have a slightly biased view on this, being a valeting company, but the science does back up our argument that if you want a faster car, it’s probably cheaper to have it professionally valeted and vacuumed inside and frequently washed and waxed on the outside than it is to upgrade to a car with a bigger engine!

So, what are you waiting for, book your car valet now!    

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