5th October 2022

Clean Cars Sell for more!

city wash contract car valeting

Buying a new car is exciting; the anticipation of driving away in a brand-spanking new motor can keep you awake at night, imagining stepping inside that pristine vehicle. However, during this exciting time, it is really important that you don’t neglect the car you are needing to sell.

It might seem a bit of a hassle when you are selling your existing car, but having your car valeted before you advertise it can increase its sale value by 10%.

Buyers are often put off by a dirty car, so having it professionally valeted by City Wash will put a buyer at ease. It gives the appearance of care and maintenance and sends the message to the buyer that you have cared for the vehicle during the period you have owned it. If you need to take pictures for an advert, a clean, shiny car will attract more interest than a car that looks dull or dirty and in need of a good clean – even dealers will look more favourably on a car that’s ready for the forecourt rather than one that needs attention. How many times have you seen dealers advertising for ‘clean cars- cash paid!’?

Buyers are more likely to make a higher offer if the car is clean, too, so it’s worth the small investment in a professional valet to obtain the best selling price.

Just think about the maths, if the evidence online is true that you can get up to 10% more selling your car if it’s been valeted, then a car selling for £5,000 could attract an additional £500 for an investment of just £60-£70 in a City Wash Gold Package Full Valet. How many banks do you know that could turn £70 into £500 in just a couple of hours?

Let City Wash maximise your car’s value; we will come to you with our mobile car valeting service and leave you with a showroom-condition car that buyers will be clambering over themselves to drive away in!

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