14th June 2023

Introducing CityWash, Your Mobile Valeting Solution in Preston!

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In today’s fast-paced world, trying to find the time to take care of our vehicles can be quite a challenge. After a long hard day in work, one of the very last things anyone wants to do is spend their precious free time waiting in line at a car wash. But what if the car wash came to you? That’s where CityWash comes in! We are Preston’s premier mobile valeting company, offering a convenient and high-quality pop-up car wash service that comes straight to your office or place of work. Please read below to discover how CityWash can keep your vehicle looking its best while saving you time and hassle.

Convenience at Your Doorstep:

CityWash understands the demands of modern life, so we bring our exceptional car valeting services directly to you. Our trained and experienced professionals arrive at your office or workplace equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. So say goodbye to long waits and inconvenient trips to the car wash—CityWash offers a hassle-free solution that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Impeccable Service and Attention to Detail:

CityWash takes great pride in providing top-notch service and we ensure our operatives pay attention to even the smallest details. Our valeting experts are passionate about their craft and go one step further to ensure your vehicle receives the care it deserves. Whether it’s a thorough exterior wash, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, or even upholstery treatment, we have a range of profesional service packages to meet your specific needs. With our meticulous approach, you can trust that your car will be absolutley spotless inside and out.

Eco-Friendly Practices:

We understand the fundemental importance of protecting the environment, which is why CityWash utilises eco-friendly cleaning products and methods. Our commitment to sustainability means that we minimise water usage and can employ biodegradable cleaning solutions that are gentle on your vehicle and the planet. By choosing CityWash, you can enjoy a sparkling clean car while knowing you’re making an environmentally conscious choice.

Customised Packages for Every Need:

Every vehicle is unique, and so are our customers’ requirements. That’s why CityWash offers a range of customisable valeting packages to suit different budgets and preferences. So whether you need a quick external clean or comprehensive detailing, we have the perfect package for you. Our dedicated and friendly team will work closely with you to understand your cars needs and ensure you receive a personalised service that exceeds your expectations.

Safety and Trust:

CityWash understands the importance of safety, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Rest assured, all our valeting professionals are thoroughly trained and vetted and come with complete CRB checks to ensure we provide a secure and trustworthy service. In addition, our mobile valeting service allows you to maintain social distancing and minimize contact, ensuring your peace of mind during these challenging times.

Book Your CityWash Experience Today:

Ready to give your car the pampering it deserves? Booking a CityWash appointment is quick and easy. Visit our company website or give us a quick call, and our friendly customer service team will assist you in scheduling a visit that works best for you. So whether you’re at the office, a business park, or any other workplace in Preston, Lancashire we’ll be there, ready to bring back the shine to your vehicle.

With CityWash, your days of wasting time at the car wash are over. Our mobile valeting service brings a professional car wash’s convenience and quality to your doorstep. No more waiting in line or compromising on cleanliness and shine. Experience the difference today and let CityWash transform your car into a dazzling masterpiece, all while you focus on what matters most. Drive with confidence, knowing your vehicle is in the hands of the hands of the trusted experts at CityWash.

Special Offer

If your workplace can guarantee us at least seven cars and you organise the visit, we would be happy to complete a mini valet on your vehicle, worth £35 for free!


Please call 0800 612 8930 to speak to one of our friendly team members and organise your first CityWash valet.

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